Choreography & Directing

Audi Cup 2019

In his role as a choreographer, Deniz Dean took charge of designing the opening and award ceremony show for the Audi Cup 2019, set against the impressive backdrop of the Allianz Arena in Munich. This ambitious project was carried out in close collaboration with an impressive group of over 350 apprentices from Audi, supported by 8 experienced dancers acting as team leaders.

Through Deniz Dean’s meticulous choreography, an impressive performance unfolded, capturing the unique essence of the Audi Cup in a compelling manner.

The show commenced with the charging of energy, resembling the process of a battery gradually gaining power, until, like an explosion, pixel elements scattered across the field. Gradually, these pixels came together to form various images, including a trophy and a football player. As the presentation progressed, all pixels reunited, accompanied by flag bearers who added a final touch to the tableau. The culmination featured the impactful visualization of the words “Let’s go”. This dynamic sequence of visual elements not only reflected the athletic spirit of the Audi Cup but also lent the show a captivating and enthralling quality.

Our shows are highly adaptable and can be customized according to your preferences. If you are interested in a performance in this direction, we are excited to tailor it exactly to your vision. Just let us know your ideas, and we will ensure that the show meets your expectations flawlessly!

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